US National Banks – Key Players in Global Banking

A bank is an independent financial institution which makes loans and also takes deposits from the general public. The bank can directly perform lending activities or indirectly via capital markets. It usually issues commercial loans, home loans, debt consolidation loans, and purchases other banking products such as checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s, and so on. There are some banks which also deal with private customers in a private sector.

The primary role of the banking system is to lend funds. In this process, the banks lend money to depositors which they use as reserves for their operations. Some banks lend short-term loans, and others provide longer-term loans such as business credit cards. Commercial loans are mainly used by large companies to purchase raw materials, hire workers, pay salaries, and so on. Business credit cards allow the customer to make purchases anywhere including gasoline, groceries, department stores, and other retail outlets.

Most countries have specific laws on banking that regulate its activities. In the United States, most banking transactions are performed through banks that are registered with the Federal Reserve Banks. In some states, the legislature has permitted local banks to open bank accounts. In order to serve the banking needs of its customers, most US banks operate online as well. The advent of internet technology and the widespread use of the internet has led to the development of more high-tech banking systems, such as Online Banking.

There is a global economic crisis currently prevailing worldwide. Banks around the world are struggling to meet the needs of their customers. Many of the banks in the United States are being adversely affected by this global financial crisis since it directly affects the banking industry. As a result of this global financial crisis, US national banks are forced to adopt more conservative financial strategies and are being gradually merged with international banks.

As discussed above, there are many US-based investment banks that have been severely impacted by this global financial crisis. However, some of these banks are experiencing a partial renaissance in their business. Some of the US-based investment banks include PNC Bank, Trustees, Fifth Third Bank, and Wachovia Bank. PNC Bank is a member of the Midwest Association of banks and serves the residents of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

US residents also have the option of opening savings accounts at local banks. In addition, there are several options available for the investment banking of children. Some of these banking options for children include: Banks with children are considered an important part of financial life. Therefore, financial institutions provide banking services to kids ranging from high school children to college students.


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