Maximizing Your Business Expenses

Business expenses are basically the expenses incurred during the day to day running of your business. Your business expenses are subtracted from your gross income before tax. What remains is your net income after tax. Business taxes can sometimes be extremely confusing. Get the assistance you require for managing your business expenses.

There are many types of small-business tax deductions available. You can deduct your cost of supplies or raw materials, if your business utilizes them. You can also deduct expenses for advertising you use to market your products and services. If you operate a store, you can claim a credit for the cost of space. Another deduction is for buying furniture that your business uses in its operations. In some cases, even travel expenses can be considered as part of your taxable income, depending on the circumstances.

The IRS offers several different formats for preparing your business expenses report, and they even offer a free online calculator to help. However, if you want a complete explanation of all the types of business expenses you must hire a tax professional to prepare it for you. It’s better to know what types of business expenses qualify as a deduction and which ones do not.

One of the most common business expenses is mileage. Most people drive to work, but if your business has a place of business where you work out of your home or office, you can deduct the actual cost of traveling to and from your place of business. A business owner can deduct mileage from business use, such as the use of a vehicle to travel to work, and even the actual cost of parking your vehicle if your business has a separate parking area. If you use a computer to conduct business, there may be a tax deduction for the cost of having a laptop computer that is used exclusively for business use. Again, you’ll need to consult with your tax professional to determine which deductions are appropriate for your situation.

One other expense that usually isn’t so obvious to the everyday business owner is postage. If your company requires a newspaper to publish its articles, or if you have to purchase a publication for employees to read when they’re working, you can deduct your cost. Again, you’ll need to consult with a tax professional to determine which publications you can claim and which you cannot. There are also three categories that you should be aware of when determining whether or not you can deduct travel expenses or supplies: business travel, business-related services, and business supplies. Business travel and supplies generally are only eligible for a single deduction, so it’s best to consult your tax professional before making any travel or supplies purchases.

Finally, there are other common business expenses that aren’t eligible for deductions. These include gifts, charities, child care, repair and maintenance costs, and legal fees. Gifts, charities, and child care are generally only eligible for a single deduction, while repairs and maintenance and legal fees generally are eligible for two. Again, it’s wise to consult with a tax professional to determine which deductions are available to you. Because tax time comes more often than most people think, it pays to be proactive about claiming deductions so that you don’t owe more money than you should.

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